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Version 0.9 build 151 (16-09-2013):
  - Added support to Force Feedback, Mouse and Keyboard advanced options.
  - Fixed an Overflow error when choosing a game in certain conditions (reported by MDashK).
  - Fixed an "Error 5" when Supermodel.exe isn't working like expected (reported by Humanfly).
  - Some others fixes and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.9 build 134 (17-07-2012):
  - Added support to Crosshairs and Vsync options.

Version 0.9 build 128 (14-06-2012):
  - Added Per Game basic configuration.
  - Fixed potential crash when no roms are available.
  - A lot of performance and stability fixes.

Version 0.8 build 119 (19-05-2012):
  - Some corrections to Portuguese language (reported by AnimalBear and bearmon2010).
  - Fixed backspace key isn't working in Custom resolution's textbox (reported by nuexzz..).
  - Fixed an error in Game Time calculation introduced in the previous released build.

Version 0.8 build 115 (09-05-2012):
  - Some tweaks to Multilingual interface.
  - Added Portuguese language (translated by AnimalBear).
  - Corrections for a possible number conversion error in the Game Time calculation
    (reported by Andrei Tudor).

Version 0.8 build 111 (07-04-2012):
  - Created engine to support Multilingual interface.
  - Added Spanish language.
  - Some others fixes and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.8 build 102 (23-03-2012):
  - Added support of XInput and Raw Input systems (reported by Darren S and Raul Bravo).
  - 'Only available' english language spell correction (reported by legend80).
  - Now SUIŽ remembers the Game List user preference (reported by legend80).
  - Some others cosmetic changes.

Version 0.7 build 99 (03-03-2012):
  - Added a function to show details about Supermodel's errors.
  - Added support for a third button in Input configuration.
  - Fixed a bug saving AutoTrigger Input configuration.
  - Preliminar changes for a future support of all inputs methods.
  - Corrected a mistake about balance option (Left/Right by Rear/Front).
  - Fixed an incorrect hour calculation in the Play Time feature.
  - A lot of others minor fixes, upgrades and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.6 build 78 (23-02-2012):

  - Fixed a trimmed save of paths containing an equal(=) character (reported by money_114)
  - Fixed the load and save routine of the Fragment and Vertex Shader paths (reported by
    Krzysztof Karkosza

Version 0.6 build 73 (21-02-2012):

  - Fixed a custom ROM path save and load problem (reported by mesk14).

Version 0.6 build 71 (21-02-2012):

  - Added Fragment and Vertex Shader support.
  - Fixed and improved Input save engine.
  - Added option to load Supermodel inputs defaults.
  - Now basic folders are created automatically if not exists.
  - Some others fixes and cosmetic changes.

Version 0.5 build 67 (20-02-2012):

  - First release
a Supermodel friendly user interface